Management Objectives

Our Performance Management System at Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd aims at:

  • Giving a sense of direction and purpose to individuals and their team via role clarity
  • Helping different functions and departments go beyond targets and benchmarks and take quantum jumps
  • Creating a collaborative and empowering culture in the organization
  • Providing information for annual increments-incentives, promotions, job-rotation, identifying training needs etc.
  • Identify talent for succession planning
  • Identifying employees with long-term growth potential
  • Identifying employees performing below expectation and mechanisms for improving performance
  • Ensuring growth of employees for organizational perpetuity
  • Creating 'Total Quality Environment' by enhancing people's commitment to productivity, quality, technology, structure, and systems

The Performance Management mechanism employed at Bajaj Hindusthan Sugar Ltd also features a 360-degree performance feedback which is provided to each employee by his supervisors, peers, subordinates, internal and external customers on his attitude towards work, planning/work management, controlling and coordinating, team work and collaboration, supervisory and leadership behavior, change management, strength, weakness, opportunity and threats.

This offers insights into the strong and weak areas of the employee in terms of effective performance of roles, activities, styles, traits, qualities, competencies, knowledge, attitude and skills, impact on others and the like.

Supervisors, peers, subordinates, internal and external customers of each employee evaluate the achievement level of targets associated with predetermined and mutually agreed upon Key Result Areas (KRAs). Targets and KRAs are dynamic and are modified each year in response to the organizational challenges. A weightage is attached to each Key Result Area accordingly. This evaluation leads to rating of the employees which has several linkages.

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